Artist Statement
Bev Kirilenko
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My work depicts my love of nature and Saskatchewan landscape, my belief that all is gift, and that we are immersed daily in wondrous things.  Each year I become more excited about our environment because each year I notice more of it. 

Be it on the way to work, during work, walking with the kids or the dog, at play or rest - our days evolve within ever-changing scenes!  I invite people to view some of these scenes through my window.

Rarely without my camera, I am constantly on the lookout for subject material.  One of my favorite areas is ditches – ditches are teaming with rich colors and textures.

Although I paint in oil, watercolor & pastel, acrylic is currently my medium choice.  I particularly like the clear, brilliant color in acrylics and the ability to use both watercolor & oil techniques with them.  The transparent glazing possibilities facilitate the capture of moodiness in sky-water reflections and shadows, and the layering of many colors atop one another, encouraging each to sing it’s song.